This Season of Life: 20/52 “foggy San Francisco”

12 Nov

This Season of Life is a 52-week photography project through which my friend Mary and I will share photos that depict various moments from the current season in which we find ourselves. Having remained friends for the past 12 years, we have experienced a lot of seasons together (and some apart), as we now live in very different places. Having stayed in touch, we continue to share our life experiences and challenges with one another. This has been an incredible gift that continues to shape our friendship. We hope you will follow our Project 52 and enjoy the images that we share.

This past week I was in San Francisco for a work conference, but I had some time to sneak away with my camera for an hour or two. These foggy photos are from the well known Pier 39, and while the colors aren’t as vibrant at that time of morning as I would have liked, it was nice to explore the area with very few tourists and others walking around the pier.

dsc_7800dsc_7804Now, take a moment and check out my friend Mary’s photo this week: What’s in the Shadows. While you’re at it, look around her site, Mary Goldau, a bit more and view our last Project 52. I am sure you will fall in love with her photos and see what a special person she is, just as I have.

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