Madalena_1Hello! I’m Madalena. I started my blog on the third anniversary of the day I started my business. Yep, I’m an entrepreneur and this is My Personal Coffee Break. I work from home and in between client e-mails, phone calls and projects, I often find myself reading my favorite blogs or listening to business-related podcasts, stealing away for a run in the neighborhood, having fun with photography or just relaxing with a freshly brewed cup of coffee (and probably something sweet!).

I used to think I would become a college professor. In fact, I never would have dreamed of owning my own business. But as it turns out, I love it! The flexibility of my own schedule, deciding how to do things and answering to no one else but moi is a perfect fit for me. Yes, I work more hours than someone who works a regular full-time job, but what entrepreneur doesn’t?

If you’re a friend of ours, you know I’m a southern girl who slowly moved farther and farther north before moving west. My husband is from Brazil, so moving north from a tropical region is something we experienced together. That’s right–I’m saying that Mississippi is tropical, too. If you’ve ever been there in the summer, you know what I mean.

In 2013 we moved even farther northbound….I call it the “Land O’ Cheese”. Most people call it Wisconsin. Although upper Midwest people are some of the nicest and the cheese was abounding, the area was just not for us. So, we moved yet again in 2014 (hopefully for the last time!) and are enjoying the sunny skies of Southern California. It’s pretty much paradise if you hate cold weather and snow.

As I continue to share my love for travel and photography, pound the pavement in my running shoes and sip my café in various locales, you’ll probably see a fun photo here and there, read about my business challenges (and hopefully triumphs!), jog along with me and drink a cup of coffee (or three).  So, join me on my personal coffee break. I look forward to getting to know you, too.


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